Rush hour in Collioure


For almost two decades I worked for the J.Peterman catalog as a copywriter and buyer. I was almost as irreverent as Elaine on Seinfeld. I traveled to France several times a year where I developed a network of dedicated antiques dealers. I had the job of a lifetime. I never wanted it to end. Unfortunately, there’s a saying about all good things and endings but that doesn’t mean you can’t start fresh. So now I buy for myself under the name France Ici. And that’s precisely my intent: to infuse your life with the essence of la Belle France. The right object, detail, remnant, or accessory can do that for a person—transport you all the way to Paris, Provence, or Périgord.

For me, there’s no place like France. The wine, the food, the culture, the art and architecture, and yes, the rich patrimony of artifacts from a nation with more than a thousand years of history just waiting to be discovered. Antique picking in France is a never-ending treasure hunt.

I appreciate that Peterman helped make my eye more discriminating but now I’m on the road alone, relying on my instincts and resources, and trust me, that’s a whole different bouillabaisse. I’m counting on you to tell me if I’ve gotten the recipe right.

Steve in Corsica